This is not a course, it's an experience!

If you just want the guitar, this isn't for you, however if you dream about the experience of being in a real workshop,
using your own two hands to create something you can play and keep forever, then continue reading.


Spend a week in the Searls Guitars workshop and walk out with a electric guitar made by your very own hands!


This is not one of those "assemble a Chinese kit" scams, this is not a "course" where you're stuffed in a classroom with a heap of other people
and only one instructor which you cannot even get their attention, this is a one on one experience in a real workshop.


One on one instruction, no woodworking experience needed
You will start with wood blanks and create your very own guitar which is yours to keep
All timber and high quality parts are supplied


Topics covered:

- Surface Preparation and Machining of timbers
- Timber joinery
- CNC routing cavities
- Carving a neck and body using hand tools
- Dot Inlay & fingerboard radiusing
- Fret slotting and fretwork
- Hand rubbed oil finish
- Guitar assembly

- Soldering/wiring
- Guitar action/setup




If you cannot attend a full week at once, days can be spread out over multiple weeks to accommodate RDO's etc.

Cost starts at: $4500.00 for a basic model and upgrades can be made, subject to approval.

Please note, the "Week In The Workshop" is subject to availability and at the discretion of Searls Guitars. Not everyone who applies will be allowed to participate.