There can be a several week turn around on pickup orders.



The Black Ice set is our signature Rock set.

The Black Ice set is extremely versatile with a beautiful and warm 7k Alino V neck, designed to be coil split and oozes depth and clarity.

The 9k Alnico V bridge compliments nicely and holds it's own clear and clean or you can throw some gain at it without it getting muddy.

Everything from vintage cleans to distorted hard rock, this set has you covered.


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The Cimmerian Set is our signature Metal set.

The bridge is just over 15k and can handle all the gain you throw at it without loosing its bottom end, the Ceramic magnet in the bridge adds power and yet manages to keep a nice tight, focused sound through its entire range.

An Alnico V in the neck provides warm yet powerful tones to compliment the bridge and when coil split has the warm deep clean tones you'd not expect from a metal pickup.

The Cimmerian has depth and warmth that most high gain pickups seem to loose and is compatible with a variety of playing styles from speed picking to alternating picking patterns as well as arpeggios and basic power chords. This pickup is designed for metal and it does it's job beautifully.

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Designed for those that like a warm blade set, but not "too hot".

Warm. Deep, however there's also brightness when you need it.

The bridge is just over 8k and is powered by a custom Alnico 8 and cover your rhythm or lead requirements holding its own with any style from vintage cleans to metal.

The neck is just over 7k powered by a Alnico V. Designed with coil splitting in mind with depth and clarity, however don't let its tame clean tones fool you as when unsplit it has plenty of drive.

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High gain slug and screw pickup with lots of magnet power giving a fat sound, ideal for hard rock, grunge etc.


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These are our main models, however if you have a custom request, simply ask.