General FAQ information:


What size pickup adjustment hex key do I need on your guitars?

Pickup adjustment: 1/16" hex key.
Neck bolts: 3/32" hex key.

DO NOT do these bolts up too tight or you will damage the timber.

Just snug is enough. If you do these up too tight, we can repair for a charge however any damage is not covered under warranty.


What size Truss Rod hex key do I need on your guitars?

Guitars made Febuary 2017 to current use a Stainless steel two way truss rod and truss rod size is 5/32" hex key.

Guitars made between 2011 and 19th January 2017 - The truss rods we use are a stainless steel two way welded truss rod and require a 9/64" hex key.

Guitars made prior to 2011 the truss sizes vary and are not recorded in our records.

Turning the truss rod left will decrease the relief, pulling backwards, turning the truss rod right will increase the relief, putting more upward bow into the neck.

We will not warranty any truss rod damage or damage caused by adjusting the truss rod.


What string height are your guitars set at by default?

We set what some would consider low action unless the customer requests otherwise.

The nut is filed to 0.5mm measured at the first fret, shimmed if a lock nut.

The treble side is usually set at ~ 1.00mm at the 12th fret and the Bass side are set at ~ 1.00mm - 1.25mm at the 12th fret.

As a comparison as I understand numbers can often mean nothing to some people, Gibson guitars are factory set at 1.58mm and 2.38mm at the 12th fret and they state that any fret buzz by action lower than this is not considered a fault. Paul Reed Smith set their string height at the 12th fret 1.58mm & 1.98mm.



A 12 month return to base warranty covering workmanship is offered to the original owner only.

Searls Guitars will at its expense and at its option:- (a) repair the product; or (b) replace the product; or (c) supply equivalent product

This warranty does not cover:-

  • Normal wear and tear on any part of the product, including jacks, controls, switches, plated surfaces, screws, strings, fret wear, saddle wear & nut wear; (after notifying Searls Guitars, please contact manufacturor for their individual warranty)

  • setups, adjustments or routine maintenance of any kind;

  • Failings or deterioration due to accidents, neglect, abuse or abnormal use;

  • Damage or defect resulting from unauthorised removal, replacement or interference with parts, including overtightening;

  • Any repair or service performed by anyone other than Searls Guitars

  • Checking, shrinking, sinking, discolouration and wear of finishes;

  • Any guitar with a oil finish or any finish that is not a spray sealed finish, this includes oiled necks.

  • Any product that has been altered or tampered with in any manner;

  • Any product which has been modified by anyone other than by Searls Guitars

  • Case and case hardware

  • Damage to finishes or cracks, splitting or warpage of wood due to changes in temperature or humidity, exposure to or contact with sun, fire, moisture, body salts or acids of perspiration, any other chemicals or polishes;

  • Damage, corrosion or rusting of any hardware components caused by humidity, salty air or exposure to the moisture; guitar straps, guitar stand/hangers made vinyl, plastic, rubber or other materials;

  • Any product which has been hired or loaned out; or

  • Transportation, insurance or freight charges associated with claims under this warranty.

Repair service of defects covered by this warranty can only be performed by Searls Guitars. Searls Guitars does not accept any liability in connection with this warranty for any consequential damage or economic loss whether direct or indirect, to any person or property, arising from breakdown or failure of the product. Searls Guitar's liability under this warranty is limited to the lesser of the replacement cost or repair cost of the product. The cost of claiming under this warranty, including return of any product to Searls Guitars must be borne by the consumer. This warranty is given by Searls Guitars and no other person or organisation is authorised to vary its provisions or conditions.



We do our best to please every customer, we want every customer to enjoy their experience and be happy with the end product. We do this by providing the best customer service we can and by making the best possible product to our ability. If you collect the guitar in person we do not let you leave with the guitar unless you are happy with it. This is more difficult with freighted guitars. If for any reason you are unhappy with the product it is our expectation that you bring it to our attention for whatever issue to be resolved immediately. If you take to social media before contacting us and before we have had a decent and reasonable chance to resolve any possible issue and make you happy, we see this as an attack to our company and will instantly void any warranty and we will not take corrective action. This policy is in place to protect our brand and we genuinely want you to be happy with the product we supply. Thankfully this policy has never come into practise and I hope it never does!