After you have read through the "How To Order" page, make contact to discuss your build in more detail and pay your deposit.

Once you have successfully placed your order you will be added to a private group on facebook (if you are a member) and updates will be made in real time throughout the build process in both photo and video form.

Construction is in three main stages, woodwork, paint, assembly.

Woodwork stage generally takes around four to eight weeks, depending how many guitars are in the batch. Paint stage usually takes a bit longer than the woodwork stage. These are just rough guidelines. Once the guitar has completed paint stage then it is time for assembly and a basic setup. I like the guitar to hang around for at least a week to settle in after it's assembly before it's final setup and then it is ready for collection or freight. The whole process usually takes around three months from start of production to freight.






A variety of hand tools and surfacing machinery is used to perform the joinery of blanks, where a series of carefully selected timbers are joined together to create a neck or body blank which will later become the pieces of the guitar. No CNC is used in this stage.



A CNC router is used to cut a truss rod slot as well as the pickup and neck pockets.

When it comes to the neck profiles and fingerboard radius the CNC only removes waste material and the final carve is performed by hand using traditional hand carving tools..



The neck pocket, pickup routes, bridge and electronics cavity are routed by CNC and then the final carve of the body is completed by hand



All joinery, fretwork, sanding and finishing tasks are performed using traditional methods and no CNC is used.

Guitar Design

Our guitars have a 16" radius & 24 Jescar nickel frets. Scale length is 26.125"on all electrics.

Two carbon fibre stiffening rods are installed inside every neck (2015 onwards) in their own channel either side of a stainless steel truss rod with a welded hex nut.

2K sprayed clear coat finishes protect the timber and will help figured timber explode with colour and depth. Painted finishes also require less maintainance and offer more protection to the instrument than an inferior oiled finish.

The neck is mounted to the body with the assistance of brass inserts and hex screws with recessed ferrules. The pickups are direct mounted using brass inserts in most cases. We do not use pickup rings. The electronics cavity cover is usually timber and recessed into the body with an engraved logo and is also mounted using brass inserts.


The two most popular electric models we do are the Nemesis and the SS (flat top) superstrat.

Our model names are simple to follow. If you read SS6, it simply means it is a six string superstrat with a flat top. If you read SS7 it is a seven string. Similary with Nemesis 6 or 7, the number is the string count.


Electronics are by default a humbucker in the bridge position with a pull/push coil split on the tone knob for the humbucker in the neck position. Nemesis is different due to body thickness constraints and uses a mini switch to coil split.

A Switchcraft selector switch and output jack, paired with either CTS or Bournes pots, again the Nemsis uses mini switches due to thickness constraints.

A Orange Drop capacitor is standard and can beupgraded to a "Paper Dipped in Oil" (PIO) capacitor if you choose. The electronics cavity face is also lined with a copper plate that helps eliminate unwanted earth noise.

We understand pickup choice is a very personal topic and we can discuss your preferences to suit your build however our inhouse made pickups are default.



The timber we use is usually kiln dried to approximately 6% moisture content. Sometimes we will use air dried timber however we are very particular that the timber must be dried to a suitable moisture level before it can become a guitar. We usually buy several years in advance and store in our workshop to climatise and test it's suitability.

Mahogany body and Maple neck with either Ebony or Rosewood fingerboard are the default unless otherwise specified, however we often have a wide range of timbers in stock to choose from.





If you wish to enquire about buying a Searls Guitar, please contact us via our facebook page and don't forget to look through our gallery. We can also be contacted via standard email.