Jake plays a Searls Nemesis 6 with Exposed Grain finish.

Band: For What It's Worth

Style: Hardcore/Metalcore

Location: Melton, VIC, Australia


Drew plays a Searls SS6 with Ziricote top and Blackwood neck/body.

Band: Alda Sky

Style: Hardcore/Metalcore

Location: Port Augusta, S.A. Australia


Giampaolo plays a Searls Nemesis 6 with Black Exposed grain finish

Band: Malet Grace

Style: Power/Prog/Thrash metal

Location: Rome, Italy


Brendon plays a Searls Nemesis 6 in Hammerhead Silver finish

Band: Fall And Resist

Style: Technical Death Metal, Metalcore and Indie Rock

Location: Ballarat, Australia


Hamish plays a Searls Nemesis 7 in Candy Blue with Black burst.

Band: Take My Soul

Style: Prog/Rock/Metal/Djentish

Location: Newcaste, NSW, Australia