I'm in a band, can I have a free guitar?

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Do you have endorsement packages?

How do I get sponsored by your brand?


We believe if you don't value the time and effort it takes us to build a guitar enough to pay for it, then you don't value our time or guitars enough to own one.

We do however offer flexible payment plans, maybe ask about those.

Can I visit the workshop?

We do allow workshop visits if you are coming in to pay a deposit or select your timbers in person, dropping in to see your build progress, we do allow guitar collection after your build is finished, all visits are strictly by appointment. The workshop is exactly that, a WORK shop. We do not have a retail area or display room.

Where do you source your timber/parts?

I use various sources around Australia and international. This includes timber salvage and plantation grown. I prefer to buy locally so I can select in person, however when sourcing exotics this isn't always possible. I prefer to purchase from certified sustainable sources who have chain of custody accreditation.


How much deposit do I need?

AU$1000.00 deposit is required at the time of ordering.

You can make payments building up to and through the build process, if the build is finished before you have paid in full, you are welcome to keep making payments over a reasonable amount of time as long as you make at least one payment a fortnight. Deposit is non refundable.


How much is freight?

I use Pack & Send for all freight and usually it is usually delivered by either TNT or Toll.

The below prices are approximate Pack & Send fees.

Australia: Allow around $80.00, plus insurance (2% of the guitar total).

International: Allow around AU$340.00, plus insurance (2% of the total).

International buyers will be responsible for any additional charges including taxes and duties etc.


What cases do you use?

We use Gator Deluxe XL cases on most of our electric guitars. Gator Dread cases on our Acoustics and a Tweed cases on the Big Daddy models.

A standard length case will not fit our MODERN guitar models so if you choose to supply your own case you will need an extra long case, often called a baritone case.


Can I change specs after I've ordered?

Once the deposit is recieved all hardware and specialized timber will be ordered. After this stage you cannot make any changes, however, if you drastically wish to change the specs it will be at the discretion of Searls Guitars and additional charges will be added.

What size pickup adjustment hex key do I need on your guitars?

Pickup adjustment: 1/16" hex key.
Neck bolts: 3/32" hex key.

DO NOT do these bolts up too tight or you will damage the timber.

Just snug is enough. If you do these up too tight, we can repair for a charge however any damage is not covered under warranty.


What size Truss Rod hex key do I need on your guitars?

Guitars made Febuary 2017 to current use a Stainless steel two way truss rod and truss rod size is 5/32" hex key.

Guitars made between 2011 and 19th January 2017 - The truss rods we use are a stainless steel two way welded truss rod and require a 9/64" hex key.

Guitars made prior to 2011 the truss sizes vary and are not recorded in our records.

Turning the truss rod left will decrease the relief, pulling backwards, turning the truss rod right will increase the relief, putting more upward bow into the neck.

We will not warranty any truss rod damage or damage caused by adjusting the truss rod.


What string height are your guitars set at by default?

We set what some would consider low action unless the customer requests otherwise.

The nut is filed to 0.5mm measured at the first fret, shimmed if a lock nut.

The treble side is usually set at ~ 1.00mm at the 12th fret and the Bass side are set at ~ 1.00mm - 1.25mm at the 12th fret.

As a comparison as I understand numbers can often mean nothing to some people, Gibson guitars are factory set at 1.58mm and 2.38mm at the 12th fret and they state that any fret buzz by action lower than this is not considered a fault. Paul Reed Smith set their string height at the 12th fret 1.58mm & 1.98mm.


How thick are the necks/what do they feel like?

I carve the MODERN necks thin and to my hand, not a standard pattern so I cannot compare to any brand, however the neck profile is a variation of "Modern Flat Oval" (however it's not flat!) and I tend to average the neck (including board) thickness at the first fret around 19mm and around 20mm up the other end. The nut width is normally 43mm wide.

You can request what I call a "retro profile" on the MODERN guitars which is the similar to my thin neck carve, measureing 20mm at the first fret making it feel more like a traditional neck profile.

The Big Daddy neck profile is even larger again, similar size as you'd expect from vintage era guitars

Can you build me a copy of a (insert brand here) ?

I will build "public domain" shapes or original designs if I like them.


Do you build Bass Guitars?
Can I work for you?


Will you teach me?



Do you do setups/servicing or will you do a refurb/repair on my guitar?

We do setup, sevicing and some repair work, please message to arrance an appointment..